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America Isn't Broken... America was BUILT that way.

As we see all these reports of police across the country, beating black folk, and KILLING black folk, and certain politicians is just standing their stroking their dicks to this mayhem, not willing to change a damn thing, we tend to think that America is BROKEN somehow. There are a lot of people that want America to change for the better and want equality and justice for blacks and other people of color. But I'm sorry to tell you, it ain't gonna happen. America isn't broken, THAT'S HOW AMERICA WAS BUILT FROM THE START. Like that messed up house down the block that was build by a cheap lazy construction crew. You can't say "the house is broken", it's just a messed building altogether up from the foundation all the way to crooked attic. And Americans LIVE is that busted shit box.

Listen, most of us think that this is a RACIAL issue from the VIOLENTLY EXTREME to the passive subtle microaggression racism. And as times unfold we're beginning to turn the lights on and see the roaches scattering everywhere. "THESE people are racists, and THOSE people are racists. And we gotta stop racism and racism is holding us back." But before I got into all that, lemme start you off with a lil' somethin'.

I read a story recently about a small town in Bethel Ohio, where a white woman walked the streets with her Black Lives Matters sign, and she was met by the majority of the town who felt quite the OPPOSITE. Instead they called themselves the ALL LIVES MATTER movement. Now I don't gotta go into why All Lives Matter is a shitty rally cry because it's a contradiction to itself when it opposes Black Lives Matter. That poor white woman and her white friends and colleagues who shared her support for BLACK LIVES MATTER was assaulted by their own white town folk, not because of her race, but because of her beliefs in FAVOR for EQUALITY for black US citizens. And when one of the BLM supporters was punched in the head in front of a police officer and asked the police officer what he's gonna do about it. The officer simply told the assaulted man to file a report, and continued like nothing happened. That made me think. If a white racist, would ATTACK and ASSAULT a white woman or man, because she or he stands for BLACK EQUALITY... and a white cop who saw this DOES NOT INTERVENE or even more, ATTACK those WHITE PEOPLE... then something is going on that is bigger than SIMPLE RACISM IN AMERICA.

Here's the real deal about what's going on in America. America isn't America... unless it's primary function... is WHITE SUPREMACY. I personally hate it, and most of y'all do too, but that's what it is. Some of y'all is probably like, "Yo, isn't that the SAME THING?" The answer is NOT REALLY. It's one thing for a white person to hate black people or black people to hate white people because of the difference in skin color, history, actions in the past, customs and or culture. WHITE SUPREMACY is different. It doesn't care to LEARN about you to KNOW you to HATE you. It just BELIEVES automatically that they are superior to ANYONE and EVERYONE it meets. Almost like an APEX PREDATOR. A lion doesn't care for the lives of zebras or gazelles, because it knows it's a fucking lion. And America was founded on the principle of white superiority over all they encountered in the "NEW WORLD", and the bottom line is... they'll be damned to let that "party" end early, because that's all America know. All their wealth and status was built on white supremacy, ALL OF IT. And they used their armed forces and the police to keep that agenda going and to protect themselves primarily from the people they feel superior to.

So why is ALL LIVES MATTER a defense to BLACK LIVES MATTER? That's because America CANNOT drop their white supremacy over black people, or else it just wouldn't be AMERICA anymore. White supremacy has ONE MAIN tool to enforce their paradigm... FORCE. FUCKING FORCE and FUCKING YOUR SHIT UP! There is no need for logic or reasoning when you can just kick the shit out of those who oppose you, until they slink away. And that's how America always did it. They kicked the shit out of Natives and whipped the shit out of black folks as slaves and built an entire country on those two methods and principles. And if anyone comes along to challenge that, America is known to kick their asses physically or politically.

Now For the sake of me continuing, I'll be using the terms "Old America" to describe the bullshit America we come to know and dislike, and "New America" to describe the progressive ideologies from Americans that are genuine in their pursuit of change, reform and equality, no matter where you're from or what race you are, cool? Cool. Now let's touch on the police for a moment. First off, I don't believe all police officers are bad. The majority of them actually are good and DO give a shit and really cares about decency and keeping the peace and shit. We ALL KNOW THIS. BUT there are some people out there who share the "Old America" paradigm and join the police force because they will be in better position of power and will be able to keep that paradigm going. If a person has some internal desire to feel powerful and superior over others, they usually become a police officer, and that is NOT GOOD. Like I said, NOT ALL COPS ARE BAD, but It doesn't take an entire force of assholes to abuse their power, it just take a few shitty assholes to cause damage to the community. And it's even harder when these "civil servants" are protected by municipal bureaucracy and red tape, and GOOD police officers find it hard to get rid of those shitty ones from that same system without facing some horrible backlash. So America kind of have SOME "shitty police agents" who knowingly and or unknowingly enforce the Old America paradigm of supremacy. (by the way, I'm gonna be using that word "paradigm a lot, so get use to it).

What's that? America has come a long way, so how does such a devastating paradigm survive after all these years? I'm GLAD YOU ASKED, because this is gonna get even LONGER! The short answer is LIES. That's right. not telling the truth, misleading the truth, covering up the truth, omitting the truth, whatever falls under LYING. So lets sit down and go over some HISTORY, shall we?

Old America never was too happy with itself from the very beginning. Sure they felt pleased as a pig in shit because it was superior over everyone else, but not really with itself. America of course kidnapped black folks and started using them as SLAVES, duh. But to be more exact... it was really about 11 states where slavery was really booming and beneficial. Southern States that had better climate have crops coming in more than most, and those stated fully PIMPED out their slaves better than any of the northern states. They were able to produce all sorts of shit and sell it for pure profit to other parts of the US. They kept the good slaves for themselves and sold the ones that weren't strong to the norther states for cheap. So the SOUTHERN states had actual GOOD shit to make that the rest of country wanted and with that, they were able to flourish. The rest of the US had slaves, but they were mostly slave servants. In the west, the black people were actually the cowboys until whites took that image and made it cool for themselves in the movies.The northern slaves did labor jobs but there wasn't too much of them there while white WORKERS in the north wasn't too keen that work can go a black slave instead of themselves to earn the money for their family. The north primarily believed that work should be paid for. Now the South wanted to spread slavery to other states, but the rest of the US found a problem with that. The other states realized that the South doesn't really care to SHARE the wealth, just expand their enterprise in other states. Meaning if slavery moves to KANSAS, it's THOSE SLAVE HOLDERS that will continue to benefit, not the state of KANSAS. And that state won't have enough money to afford those southern slaves anyway. A lot of white people had jobs in those states and don't want some fat southerner drinking his ice tea coming along with his slaves taking the jobs away from the whites that are already working.

The other states in the US formed a UNION under the former WHIG and New Republican Party led by Abraham Lincoln and he told the south to QUIT RIDING THE BLACK MAN'S DICK and join the rest of the country because it's putting the overall economy out of whack. The South however went all up in Lincoln face was like "FUCK YOU!

An election was held in the SOUTH and they got their OWN president, Jefferson Davis, and formed the southern slave owning states into something like it's own country called The CONFEDERATE STATES of AMERICA. The Confederacy thought they could do their own thing, making big money and tossing it America's face like The Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase. while pulling it's dick out telling Lincoln SUCK IT and SUCK IT GUUUUUUD! Which is kind of ironic because Old American was never big on homosexuality. So while the Confederacy was helicopter dicking the US, Lincoln was like AW HELL NO! He pulled out his burner and went all Beenie Seigl State Property style to the Confederacy and said You either GET DOWN or LAY DOWN! And the Confederacy spit on Lincolns boot and was like LETS GET DOWN!

WOOOOOOO! It was muthafuckin ON now! Lincoln was like, THIS MUTHA FUCKA MUST BE CRAZY and thus began... The Civil War.

Now we got the Confederate Southern states that are known as the REBELS and the rest of the America known as the UNION. And this Civil War was on some NEXT LEVEL BULLSHIT! So check this, them southerns used the slaves to help build weapons to fight against the UNION. Lincoln got wind of THAT piece of fuckery, and in 1862 he made a startling announcement.

(I'm paraphrasing The Emancipation Proclamation here in the way it makes sense to me)

"Attention slaves! Are you tired of pickin' cotton and bailing hay for that fat, lazy, sweaty, whiny, sweet tea drinking, bitch-ass massa? Just to let you know... that state you're slaving away in, is STILL part of the United States of America, no matter what that bitch-ass Davis says. And as of January first 1863, y'all aren't slaves anymore. Oh, and IF the UNION WINS this war before that date... y'all earn your permanent freedom FOREVER. That is all. Peace out!"

Now with that Proclamation, Lincoln didn't free ALL SLAVES EVERYWHERE, he proclaimed that just the SOUTHERN slaves were free, not the other slaves in the rest of the US. However, the US Congress passed Lincoln's 13th Amendment January 1st 1865, FREEING ALL SLAVES EVERYWHERE! Which was a BIG FUCK YOU to the Confederacy, and that fucked up the South's money BIG TIME. Some slaves heard that shit and were like "SAY WHAAAAAT?! You're telling US that we're FREE by the end of the year, or if the UNION wins this war before then? Whichever comes FIRST??? BOY BYE!"

The Confederacy was on the ropes getting their asses WHOOPED in that war. The Union had a bigger army including a lot of free black soldiers. At the same time, A LOT of slaves didn't even know they were emancipated by the United States because the Southern slave owner obviously didn't breath a word about it to them, because they ain't THAT stupid. So the south didn't know whether to make the slaves fight for them against the UNION or not. They were afraid that if they gave their slaves guns, the slaves would turn around and straight bust some caps in their pale asses. So the Confederate Congress did the next DUMBEST thing, pass a bill to enlist slave to fight while NOT granting them their freedom. (Bitch, you crazy?) A lot of slaves dropped their tools and yelled "FUCK THIS SHIT, I'M OUT!" and took their chances to run away up North where they'll be protected. Some of those slaves looked back at MASSA, gave him the two finger Tupac salute yelling "FUCK YO' COUCH, NIGGA! And suck on deez nuts while you're at it!" And they sided with the UNION to fight for their freedom.

The South was so FUCKING OUTRAGED because they were losing the war and LOST their precious precious slaves. (FUCK YO' COUCH!) One proclamation from Lincoln pretty much sealed the fate of the Confederate Army. It was Lincolns ways of pulling out HIS dick this time to the south and telling THEM to SUCK IT, and SUCK IT GUUUUUUD! After a couple years, the UNION swept through the Confederacy like a Carolina hurricane and that ultimately lead to it's embarrassing surrender by Confederate General Robert E. Lee to UNION general and future US president Ulysses S. Grant April 9th 1865 leading to the Confederacy's absorption back into the United States. Now the south was out for Lincolns blood... literally. Because they DID NOT like the taste of Lincolns northern Yankee Doodle Dick AT ALL! On April 11th 1865, Abraham Lincoln made a speech at the White House promoting FREE BLACK PEOPLE HAVING THE RIGHT TO VOTE. At that time of the speech, Lincoln was pleased to know that a well known actor in DC that he admired dearly was present to hear his speech. What he didn't know was that very same actor, John Wilkes Booth, was going to assassinate him for the very reason of his speech four days later. Lincoln stood up and did the right thing... and with it's dying breath, The Confederacy went out, taking the United States greatest leader with them with the promise that "the South with riiiiiiise again."

You would think that America's win against the south would be considered as some great shift. You would think that after freeing some slaves, it should be about equal right immediately after right? Nah, wrong. America freed the slaves YES, but didn't give up on it's WHITE SUPREMACY. Freeing the slaves was a slap in the face to the South, but they weren't free because whites weren't shitty to blacks, it was because slavery wasn't good for the overall economy in the long run. If blacks are free and earn money, they can pay taxes and help build the economy. (YAY FREEDOM?)

Well, in the south, a lot of the wives, mothers, daughters, of the Confederate soldiers didn't like the idea of how their men were whooped so bad. So these women did something pretty brilliant. (Here's where my point emerges about LYING.) About 30 years later, in 1894 the women for the Confederate soldiers formed the UNITED DAUGHTERS OF THE CONFEDERACY. Their mission? To make the MEN of the Confederate Army look like WINNERS and HEROES to the new generation who are grand kids to these soldiers. These women held fundraisers and lobbied to state governors and senators to have all kinds of statues put up commemorating Confederate generals and lieutenants and majors and colonels and shit like that. They grew in numbers and influence and was able to change the narrative on the history of the Civil War. They demonized the North and said that they North wanted to invade the rights of living of the south. They said that the north was jealous of slaves and that the slaves were happy on the plantations and were treated good. A narrative that is infamously know as THE LOST CAUSE. These lying bitches then went as far as convincing the southern states that THEY should be able to have the final say in the history books taught to the children. And those TEXT BOOKS TO CHILDREN taught WHITE SUPREMACY as an AMERICAN RIGHT and that black folks never had or deserve rights to begin with and have betrayed their loving masters to work for themselves in hopes to destroy the working southern system. Them stank ass bitches went even further and started the CHILDREN OF THE CONFEDERACY. Which is, (you guessed it,) AN AFTER-SCHOOL PROGRAM FOR KIDS to learn that very same bullshit. In a nutshell, these lying ass heffers deliberately LIED to it's children to ensure it's White Supremacy. Now these kids grow up with this paradigm as fundamental as learning their ABCs, and with that ingrained in their psyche, these kids grow up looking at free black people trying to progress and is like... whoa, whoa, whoa... what the fuck is going on. You niggers ain't SUPPOSE to have RIGHTS let alone ANYTHING. And with that, Old America started fighting to DEFEND it's white supremacy against a race that dares to ask for equality. It wouldn't matter what color people it was, White America wasn't just "fighting BLACKS", it was DEFENDING A FUNDAMENTAL INSTITUTION ABOUT THEIR EXISTENCE... WHITE SUPREMACY. THAT'S how come there is systemic racism. It wasn't built to keep others DOWN, it was built OVER anyone who isn't white to keep whites ahead of the game. Racism can be eradicated with understanding, but Old America would NEVER get rid of anything that has the slightest benefit towards it's own interests. Even with the NEW AMERICA, most of the white people within is would not trade away any advantage it got. Because that's America... it's about capitalism and fucking over other to get ahead.

Jane Elliot was in an auditorium with a majority white audience and asked a simple question. 'If you are white and you would like to be treated in America the SAME as how the black people are treated, please stand'. She asked that question twice and NOT A SINGLE WHITE PERSON STOOD. Elliot continues saying that because no white person stood, that meant that they know how black people are treated and do NOT want it for themselves. So why would they allow it happen for others? And that's because although white people can grow in an America and not be RACIST against a black person or another person of color, all white people ARE aware that the privilege they have on NOT experiencing that was a benefit of the WHITE SUPREMACY paradigm. A lot of white Americans don't dare to fight it, but rather lay in the cut. But SOME white Americans are well aware of it and will defend it to the death. Some white people become more aware of it as soon as they become police officers and abuse their power to enforce it. Some white Politicians who have power understand the paradigm and use political influence to maintain it. On the surface it looks like simple RACISM and we rack our brains wondering why they don't respect us just because the color of our skin... when in truth, it's because of the color of THEIRS.

So with what's going on now, if the people of the United States is coming together again serious to fight for CHANGE, then they aren't repairmen... the new Americans are the fucking DEMOLITION CREW and CONTRACTORS to scrap and rebuild, and the Old America is standing up defending their crooked house even harder. White NEW America has to look inside themselves and really ask themselves, what do I WANT and would BENEFIT from MORE? My comfy privilege STRIPPED for equality? Or just keep my comfy position? Perhaps you would look around at that shitty house and say, "maybe this shit house ain't so bad after all." But that house is putting ALL AMERICANS in danger. That fucked up shanty is gonna end up falling and hurting MANY Americans if it isn't demolished quick.

But now come to think of it, that fucked up shitty lopsided abomination of a monster house down the street Old America has don't have to be utterly DEMOLISHED and reconstructed. It can be RENOVATED, like Mike Holmes renovated. But that's gonna take some work y'all. New America has to have a plan on what it wants to tear out and what they wanna replace it with. It's gonna take New American pulling out some Old American drywall and ripping out some Old American floor boards. Tearing out Old America floorboards and digging new foundation and laying New America concrete. Tearing down Old America wood frame one wall at a time and laying some New American pipes. (I got you new american pipe right here.) But at the same time, Old America wouldn't stand around watching New America go to town with them sledgehammers. Old America is gonna not gonna go down without a fight.

So don't be surprised when you see more violence and injustice against black people. Don't be surprised when you see more bigots calling cops on colored people. Don't be surprised when you see violence from those police officers defending the old paradigm. Don't be surprised when certain politicians don't want to make change for the better. Don't be surprised when some people who were silent on the issue suddenly decide to jump up and show their bleached white racist asshole. Once NEW AMERICA stands up, Old America ain't gonna back down. They're gonna do what they only know how to do... FIGHT! So if we are serious on wanting a NEW America, if the other nations from around the world wants to go to America and build their wealth and success in a BETTER America, if New America wants to evolve into something GREATER than itself... then New America gotta be ready for a fucking fight, because those Old America mother fuckers backs are against the wall and they ain't going down nicely. New America is fighting for an equality they never seen but knows it's there, and Old America is defending a system they built from it's fucking foundation HUNDREDS of years ago, that they KNOW is dying. So what're y'all gonna do? Renovate that dangerous shit shack and make it more livable for others who wish to come, or wait until it falls on your ass? It's up to you.

Mi done talk.

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