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10 Philosophies for Increasing Your Creativity

You're gonna hear it from time to time. "You're SOOO CREATIVE!" It's a humbling feeling when you hear those words believe me, but for some people who's career depend on it, it can come with it's pressures, especially when it comes to time... more notoriously known as DEADLINES. Creativity is an immaculate conception and needs to be birthed from nothingness, and at times we all get stuck at that blank page, or canvass or screen. Here are a few points to consider when you need help to jog your creativity. hope it's useful.

Build trust from your last creation.

Let everything you did that was good be a testament that you can do better. Trust your creativity.

Get to the ROOT feeling of why you like whatever it is you like.

Those things you enjoy is what make you creative. It’s your fuel. Don’t be afraid to be in those feelings and moments. It will help you see new times as a challenge and you will always want to incorporate the REAL you, with the new situation.

Create the best you can for yourself, but understand that people like your sub par work too.

A true artist can create a work of art, but people find the brilliance of your art in your PROCESS. They find the brilliance in your sketches, your work studies, your notes, and the things you don’t think are GREAT.

Inspiration leads to ideas, that lead to individuality.

Tupac is a great rapper, Todd McFarlane is a great comic book artists, but that’s them. They both most likely have people who inspire them, but they used that inspiration along with what they personally like for them to establish THEMSELVES.

Understand WHO and WHAT you’re creating for.

If you’re creating for yourself, that’s ART. If you’re creating for others, that’s DESIGN. People react to your art differently to how they react to your design, so understand both reactions from each project you complete

Understand the physics of what you’re doing.

Everything has fundamentals, and those fundamentals can help you in your creation. In other words, understand how everything basically WORKS in creation. That way people can easily understand it because they are aware of the foundation.

Allow yourself to be bored.

Your mind is the last uninhabited place in YOUR universe. It wants to run free like a dog in the park, so every now and then, just allow it. Being bored allows your mind to run free and get some exercise. Sometimes nothing fruitful comes from it, but it’s great training that will help with creative recall when you need it.

Something NEW.

Your higher mind loves playing the game, WHAT IF? It’s an exciting game that can help you create some cool stuff. Go somewhere different. Experience something that you rarely get a chance to. Put our mind in a new atmosphere and allow it play around and give you some great ideas

Record your ideas somewhere.

In a book or journal. When you revisit them in the future, you’ll know how good they are and if they can be even better.

Don’t be afraid of doing the same old thing.

Just do it YOUR way.There is more than one of everything in this world, but different people like them because each way has something different that they like. Don’t be afraid to explore that.

Don’t allow GREAT ideas do die… even if they’re not yours.

It doesn’t matter if it’s old or THEY say it’s outdated. If you can find something cool about it, then so will other people.

Be the BAD GUY.

If you’re stuck, then go other way. Deliberately BE BORING. Try to SUCK on purpose and you’ll see some pretty creative stuff start to appear.

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