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Fa.real started as one of the first urban t-shirt collections in the 90's that endorses true, 100%, self-representation. Using graphics and illustrations inspired by the 90's hiphop BOOM BAP era, Fa.real has established its own look of artistic urban simplicity and a nostalgic retro feel that stands out from the common overdone street styles.

We mainly produce everyday styles you can wear everyday. We use soft feel T-shirts and long sleeves for men and women. Warm hoodies for those who have to commute or grind it out outdoor on those blustery days. Hot tops for the ladies to turn some heads, and hats that makes the whole damn thing complete. We're always looking into other items to drop on our fans like jeans, jackets, more accessories, shoes, and sunglasses in the near future. Anything we feel creative about is what usually gets the Fa.real treatment.

Why The Graphics?
Founder Allister Thomas was drawing a very young age. And like all kids, he was into cartoons and comic books and drew them every chance he got. He also loved listening to hiphop and grew up in the culture watching his favorite music videos on Rap City by artists like Big Daddy Kane, Chubb Rock, The Fugees, Wu-Tang Clan, Biggie and Tupac. Mixed with his love of hiphop culture, Allister's smooth iconic cartoonish style adapted a street edge that made his work very unique and ghetto fabulous. 

"The best way I can explain it, is that a lot of us kids who grew up like I did, our hearts didn't beat with a THUMP THUMP, it beat with a BOOM BAP. That was they rhythm of my attitude and that went in everything I drew, and I wanted to share it with everybody... what better way than t-shirts?" 

FR 100 gry.jpg
Fa.real Founder Allister Thomas in 2000.
Our first store Summer 2014

It started back when Allister was in high school in 1997. He would do illustrations and graphics for students in his school and draw amazing pictures with his friends in the library across the street attracting a crowd of after-schoolers. His mother helped him come up with the name simply because it describes Allister's unique personality, good nature, honesty and his artistic street style. His younger brother paid to have the first Fa.real t-shirt made to promote the business at their school. In the next few months, more promotional wear was being produced as business increased. As the years passed Allister and his brother developed a collection of promo t-shirts, and caps that was up for sale by 2000 and the Fa.real Clothing Collection was born.


In 2011 Fa.real has expanded into t-shirt screen printing right from home on his dining room table with his wife and business partner, Tracey Thomas. They opened up their first custom t-shirt and screen printing storefront in the Toronto borough of East York on the Danforth Ave.

The Fa.real clothing brand continued to grow and evolved to become one of the first urban t-shirt collections that truly endorses 100% self-representation. Using graphics and illustrations inspired by the 90's, hip hop, BOOM BAP era, Fa.real has established its own look of artistic urban simplicity and a nostalgic retro feel that stands out from the common overdone street styles.


"Back when I started, a past employer told me that my brand should should have a specific meaning. It should tackle a social issue or be part of a movement. Personally, there was a lot of things I was concerned about in the world, but I didn't have the feel to staple my brand to any of them. It's not that I didn't care, I just felt there was something more simple to it all.


What I later realized was that every time I put on a Fa.real t-shirt, I had to be accountable for who I am and what I do. If I wear Fa.real, I gotta BE Fa.real. I know that I'm naturally a funny, intelligent, sarcastic guy that is very nice and considerate, so I gotta not only accept that, I must share it as well. I became dedicated in creating a positive attitude, exploring perspectives other than my own, and I learned how to effectively react to my feelings. I exercised my patience, consideration and forgiveness. I learned not to sweat the small stuff, nothing is as bad as it seems and there are several solutions for every single problem. I discovered that everybody has a life story that can win an award so all people are worth getting to know and learn from. And from all those things I learned from being Fa.real I became a better husband to my wife and father to my two boys, which makes the ultimate difference in my personal life. So when I think of it, I guess I created Fa.real simply to help make MYSELF a better person for others. And with that, Fa.real can be whatever it means to you or anyone else in my opinion."  - Allister Thomas. 

Now you know what it means to us, what does Fa.real mean to YOU?



It's purpose is to help liberate certain paradigms we stagnate ourselves with, so we can live our lives with more purpose and less fear. It causes you to re-evaluate yourself every time you put on a Fa.real item. It ask you, who are you Fa.real to? What are you Fa.real about? So wear it wisely.


"My brother and I grew up in some low income areas, and believe me when I say it's easy to go down some paths that would've lead me to a lot of bullshit I didn't wanna deal with. The best way for me to avoid all of that was to develop a certain level of insight and wisdom within myself. And as corny as it sounds, it started with honesty to myself and others."

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